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What is BioResonance

An alternative medicine treatment for rebalancing the body
and stimulate the self-healing mechanism

Regain body balance

works on frequencies to stimulate self-healing
BioResonance is a technique that works with energies and electromagnetic frequencies generated by the cells of the human body. It is based on theories near to those underlying acupuncture and makes use of the energy channels which flow throughout the human body.
BioResonance is an energetic method belonging to holistic medicine, which sees the person as a whole and not as a simple sum of the individual organs or parts. In particular, given that the human body is mainly composed of water, a good conductor of energy, it is clear that the cells that make up the human body are energetically sensitive and can be influenced.
This therapy can be considered a "medicine of regulation" towards a certain imbalance, like acupuncture and homeopathy.
BioResonance may not show immediate effects as can happen with traditional medicine but has notable benefits on the long terms.
The BioResonance helps body's self-healing potential, placing itself not as an alternative medicine but as a complementary medicine.
Each cell and, on a larger scale each organ, emits its own characteristic and easily identifiable frequency. These frequencies are modified by pathological situations and can be found and identified in their form. BioResonance works with and on frequencies, identifies pathological situations and realigns them.
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the- BioResonance

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Who can use BioResonance Remote?

BioResonance Remote is very simple to use but your advantage is…
BioResonance Remote base use is simple, easy and straightforward. For a more advanced use you need some bases to develop the capabilities at their highest level.
The skill you need more is how to interact and talk with patients. Establish a trust between the practitioner and the patient is the fist step to get positive results.
Center which deals with complementary medicine, holistic medicine, vibration medicine and quantic medicine are very suited to use BioResonance.
You do not part of those groups, do not worry!
In 30 years of experience in Europe and 10 in the rest of the world, we had been pleasantly surprised by persons who have a small background and a few experiences but obtained great results.

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